The use of hydropower

The upper course of the Osterbach

The water level of the lowest spring of the mill stream, the Osterbach is about 97.10 m above sea level. The water jam at the mill is up to a height of 91.26m above sea level. This raises the water level of the Osterbach upstream at a distance of about 500m. When the mill pond is filled entirely the excess water outflows via the 2.50m wide overflow. In case of high water, the sluice above the free flow can additionally be opened. For each of the two waterwheels there is an inlet channel, which is closed by a sluice as well and has an approximate width of 60cm. The mouth of the channel is a little behind the waterwheel. A mill in which the water falls into the wheel blades from above, and thus makes the greatest possible contribution to the drive power due to its weight, is called an overshot mill. The height of fall of the water at this point is about 3.60m.